Study facilities

Study facilities of Medical University of Bialystok consists of departments of basic science, located close to the main building of university, like Collegium Universum, Collegium Novum, Collegium Pathologicum. There are 13 lectures halls at the University.
The Medical University of Bialystok has two clinical hospitals.
The Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of Bialystok is the largest health care setting in the north-eastern region. Holding 800 beds, it is capable of providing medical care for 24 000 in-patients yearly. Also, out-patient and day treatment is carried out there.
The Children's Teaching Hospital is the second biggest hospital in the city. Its most modern equipment and professional teaching staff make up an excellent teaching base for medical students. About 10 000 sick children are hospitalized here yearly. Another 120 000 are given consultations in out-patient departments. Departments of clinical sciences and research centres are additionally located in some other cooperating hospitals.

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