Medical Students' Associations

The Students' Scientific Society
The Students' Scientific Society is an organization of medical students and interns engaged in the work of Students' Scientific Circles operating in almost all departments of the University. They carry out laboratory experiments /in vitro and on animals/, conduct clinical research and acquire practical skills. All this usually leads to preparing scientific papers/ results of research work, demonstrative, case histories / which are later on presented at student conferences, both home and abroad. Some of the students are co-authors of publications in Polish and foreign professional journals. Active participation in the activities is often a departure point for future careers in the field of science, and a significant part of one's CV. The chief event organized by the Students' Scientific Society is the annual Conference of Polish Medical Students, hosting an average of several hundred participants from our University and from medical schools in Poland, Belarus and Lithuania. You can find more information at:

The Students' Self-Government
The Students' Self-Government consists of Parliament and Management. It's chosen by whole of students for two ? years old terms. The main task of this organization is occupation of student's cases, particularly by work in commissions of regulations, scholarships, election, disciplinary etc.; making opinions in relation to decisions undertaken by authorities concerning students.
Besides of this, The Students' Self-Government organizes performances and cultural occasions and takes part in different actions organized by other universities or authorities of the city.
The Students' Self-Government cooperates with student's organizations existing in the frame of the university like the Students' Scientific Society, Aeegee, IFMSA, the International Federation of Medical Students` Associations IFMSA, the Polish Dental Students' Association, Young Pharmacy Department of Polish Pharmaceutical Society, and with student's clubs.

The International Federation of Medical Students` Associations IFMSA
IFMSA is an independent, apolitical, non-governmental and non-profit organisation for medical students and young doctors. It belongs to the International Federation of Medical Students' Associations. In Poland, the association has been in operation since 1956 under the name PolMSIC. It has belonged to IFMSA since 1957. In 2000, the name of the association was changed to IFMSA-Poland. The association has Local Committees at every Medical University in Poland, including ours. You can find more information at:

The Polish Dental Students' Association (PTSS - Polskie Towarzystwo Studentow Stomatologii)
The Polish Dental Students' Association was founded in Wroclaw in1997. The main goal of the organization is to create structures that will represent Dental students and their interests. The PDSA is a member of IADS (The International Association of Dental Students) which co-operates with FDI, UNESCO and APDSA (Asia-Pacific Dental Students Association). PTSS is particularly active in eight academic centres: Wroclaw, Poznan, Bialystok, Zabrze, Krakow, Lublin, Lodz, Gdansk and is going to widen its contacts with other Polish Medical Universities.

"Young Pharmacy" - Department of Polish Pharmaceutical Society
The sections of "Young Pharmacy" are branches of Polish Pharmaceutical Society which associate students of Pharmaceutical Departments in Poland after their graduation obtaining a master's degree in pharmacy. Young Pharmacy bases its activity on non-profit work of all members.

Task and goals of the section:

  • dealing with matters concerning students of Pharmaceutical Departments who are members of the section;
  • passing on information for the students about the resolutions of Polish Pharmaceutical Society connected with the process of studying and matters concerning professional issues;
  • consultations with the representatives of Polish Pharmaceutical Society;
  • constant cooperation with the authorities of Medical University of Białystok;
  • cooperation with international organizations of pharmacy student ? International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation and European Pharmaceutical Students' Association;
  • organization of international exchanges and summer practice in Poland in coordination with appropriate authorities;
  • organization of scientific projects contests in cooperation with Student Scientific Society;
  • cooperation with other student's organizations;
  • cognition and cultivation historical traditions of the profession;
  • cooperation in realization targets defined by the Polish Pharmaceutical Society;
  • organization of cultural and social events.

For more information please visit Young Pharmacy page: or write an e-mail:

The University Sports Association
The University Sport Association has been working at Medical University of Białystok since 1950. Nowadays AZS includes 11 sport sections such as: aerobics, soccer, swimming, table tennis, athletics, rock climbing, sailing section, man and woman basketball and volleyball teams. Year after year sport activities attract more and more students. Wide fan of discipline make possibility for many students and graduates the opportunity to snatch some rest from school and hard work, experience the feeling of relax and to strike for perfection on many surfaces. Taking part in Polish Medical Universities League and Polish Academic Championship has already become a tradition. It happened not seldom to return from them with medals. The results of this participation place our students in top positions thanks to many outstanding sportsmen. Also in intercollegiate league our Medical University from year to year achieves better results. Everything causes that Medical University of Białystok isn't only a place associated with only science but also as a place gather people with passion. Everyone who likes sport and wants to supply ranges of the University Sport Association is welcomed. From the beginning of the November 2006, every detailed information about individual section will be available on tables next to gym in dorm no.1. In case of question write on:
Join us, you won't be disappointed!

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